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Unitrends is India’s one of the best-organized workwear service organizations. Unitrends gives you the best possible uniform arrangement – our workwear service covers everything from helping you determine your requirements to purchasing fabrics, renting uniforms, storing them, shipping them, and replacing them.

Unitrends provides businesses with an adaptable, carefree, and economical way to look after their clothes and care without adding money and energy to the staff.  Our strong and adaptable service will give our clients the time to concentrate on their business.

Workwear service is a financially savvy and sans risk arrangement that guarantees your representatives consistently have the correct kind of workwear in use with the goal that they can focus on doing their everyday work.

Our workwear assortment takes into account the need of various industries and their various capacities. It includes both – appearance, which is required by service industries and the safety required in overwhelming industries.

What do we provide?

On the off chance that you have an eye for acquiring unique designs of our products, we have the best stock in the house. These are carefully and splendidly made by our expert groups to grab the attention of each customer who visits our site.

College uniforms can be in various types and hues. Some are salwar suits; some are jeans and a shirt. The majority of the college has its unisex gasp and shirt uniform set, and we, college uniform wholesalers are charmed in offering an extraordinary and unique assortment of college uniform.

Owing to our rich experience and phenomenal industrial information on this domain, we have had the option to produce and gracefully the ideal quality College Uniform. The offered college uniforms are structured from quality guaranteed texture, which is obtained from trusted and solid merchants. Other than this, the offered college uniform is available with us in user-defined details.

Unitrends Advantages

Advantages of getting Unitrends uniforms service for manufacturing companies:

  1. Quality: We follow zero-resilience strategy with regards to the quality guaranteed excellent finishes – winner of numerous honours.
  2. Pricing: We offer excellent products for serious costs. Our in-house manufacturing unit empowers us to chop down the centre man cost. Our main objective is customer satisfaction, which we obtain through market direction and the distribution of ongoing service and backing.
  3. Record Managers: Dedicated Account Managers to give you the best customer service.
  4. Getting the correct size: With master fitting groups, point by point sizing graphs, we assist you with making sure you get an ideal choice for each thing of workwear.
  5. Quick: Fast, dependable turnaround to meet the most demanding needs and deadlines.

What type of uniforms we provide for manufacturing companies

We at Unitrends provide five different types of uniforms for manufacturing companies:

  1. Dungarees:Dungarees are a one-piece jacket consisting of trousers, some cloth that covers your arms, and ties that go over your shoulders to shield you from dangerous synthetics and toxic substances. In the event that you are looking for a splendid scope of dungarees, then pick us. We are a trusted dungarees dress producer and dungarees provider. 
  2. Boiler Suits:Our best quality Boiler Suits have earned a ton of gratefulness in the industry. It is a one-piece garment, which covers the middle, arms, and legs, offering incredible insurance to the wearer. It is a free industrial uniform and can without much of a stretch be worn over other clothing. 
  3. Vest jackets:Vest jackets are an outright need in a work environment where there is the use of overwhelming metals, machinery, sharp types of gear, and other hurtful substances. A high visibility vest jacket will keep the wearer safe and secure in cruel conditions. If you are looking for the best quality vest jackets for your labourers, then peruse through our unique assortment. 
  4. Coverall:Coverall is a baggy one-piece work garment that consists of a trouser like a segment and a top with or without sleeves, and it is adept for working in hardest conditions. On the off chance that you need coverall online, come to us.
  5. Hi-Visibility Coverall: Hi-Visibility Coverall encourages a labourer to show his physical nearness, particularly in low light and dull conditions. This type of industrial uniform is a must in an industrial domain where you need to manage substantial metals, types of machinery, sharp items, or apparatuses.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get the best quality uniforms for your manufacturing company.

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